Boots Disposable Breast Pads 40s



Soft and absorbent breast pads made with plant based materials

Adhesive tape to keep pads securely in place perfect when on-the-go. Our breast pads will protect your clothing from breast milk leakage and keep you feeling dry and comfortable. The super absorbent core will wick away milk keeping your clothing dry and allowing your skin to breathe

How to use

To use, simply slip inside your bra and change regularly. To dispose please place in normal household waste.

Hazards and Cautions

Change regularly and dispose of in normal household waste. DO NOT FLUSH. Keep out of reach of children.


1st layer: 100% Polylactic acid (PLA)non-woven 2nd layer: 100% FSC cellulose fluff 3rd layer: 85% polybutyrate adipate terephthalat (PBAT)+ 15% Polylactic acid (PLA) film

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