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BLOATamin™ is a synergistic blend of 11 herbs and super fruit digestive enzymes that target common food and hormone-related digestive issues including bloating, gas, stomach pain and discomfort. Each vegan capsule is packed with natural plant extracts that are easily recognized by the body to help speed up the breakdown and digestion of foods, while reducing water retention and promoting healthy weight management.

How quickly BLOATamin™ works depends on your unique body, health, genetics, diet, etc.  Everyone will respond slightly differently to BLOATamin™. Some have reported noticing results right away, while for others, it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks before seeing and feeling noticeable results.

We recommend checking with your doctor to see if BLOATamin™ is compatible with your current medications and/or dietary supplements. BLOATamin™ can effectively be taken along with other HAIRtamin supplements, as our products are designed to work together for full-body care.

How to use

Take 1-2 capsules before, during or after meals (do not exceed 4 capsules a day).


Line Arrow TopSurmac powder

Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids to reduce gas, bloating & upset stomach

Line Arrow MiddlePeppermint leaves surrounded by green circle

Helps relieve period cramps, bloating & abdominal discomfort with its cooling and muscle-relaxing properties

Line Arrow MiddleGinger surrounded by brown circle

Helps reduce inflammation, cramping, gas and nausea

Line Arrow MiddleParsley leaves

Mild, natural diuretic to help reduce excess water weight

Line Arrow Bottompineapple and mango slices

Super fruit-derived digestive enzymes to help break down carbs, proteins and fats for better digestion and a flatter tummy

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