Morphe 24A Artist Pass Artistry Palette

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Rs.5,950 Rs.6,200


This palette serves a lineup of 24 amped-up pigments and graphic glitter eyeshadows, for you to create insta-worthy looks that will drop jaws and turn heads. 

Row 1:
All Access (gilded champagne shimmer), #FOTD (golden tan shimmer), Wild Out (iridescent orange glitter), Security (matte brown mauve), Stage Persona (matte dusty purple)
Row 2: Indio Whoa (matte flaming coral), Portrait Mode (matte mellow mustard), Get the Shot (matte sunflower yellow), Desert Vibes (matte burnt orange), Seek Shade (matte black plum)
Row 3: Front Row (gleaming desert gold), Private Oasis (iridescent silk slip topper), Spotlight Stealer (iridescent glitter with stars), Secret Set (lilac silk slip topper)
Row 4: Max Volume (matte neon pink), Green Room (matte neon green), Under the Sun (matte neon yellow), Ride-or-Sky (matte neon blue), Major Inspo (matte neon violet)
Row 5: Gliterally (hot pink glitter), Palm Tree (tropical green glitter), Invite Only (iridescent yellow glitter), Insta Baddie (Caribbean blue glitter), Mic Drop (violet glitter)

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