Morphe Live With Love Artistry Palette

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Rs.5,850 Rs.6,000


Celebrate life and love with this limited-edition palette of vivid, vibrant hues. From bright pops of purple to joyful shades of yellow, these matte and shimmer shades are ready for any statement you want to make.


  • Row 1: Spark Ideas, Spread Kindness, Keep True, Uplift Others, Act with Love
  • Row 2: Seek Change, Use Your Voice, Hope, Make Space, Empower
  • Row 3: Stay Strong, Take Action, Share Joy, Strive, Stand Up
  • Row 4: Be Heard, Listen, Be Seen, Go Forward, Show Compassion
  • Row 5: Speak Out, Unify, Do Good, Know Yourself, Represent

Net Weight: 30 g / 1.05 oz.

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