Neutrogena Cellular Boost Rejuvenating Night Renew Cream

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Cools down the visible signs of aging caused by cellular burnout in just 4 weeks * Collagen-Boosting Hexinol inspired by nature to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production and skin surface renewal.

* Vitamin C to help correct uneven skin tone and reduce dark spots. Four weeks is enough to visibly rejuvenate your skin. As you sleep, the Neutrogena Cellular Boost night cream effectively reduces signs of ageing caused by UV radiation, air pollution or stress.

The Cellular Boost rejuvenating cream combines the unique Hexinol technology with vitamin C. Together they promote skin renewal, restore the skin’s natural firmness and elasticity and ensure an even skin tone free from dark spots.

  • visibly reduces signs of ageing in just four weeks
  • restores the skin’s natural firmness
  • elasticity helps even out the skin tone
  • helps eliminate dark spots
  • supports the renewal of skin cells
  • clinically tested

How to use

Clean the skin on your neck and face carefully before applying the cream each evening.

To enhance the rejuvenating results, use in combination with the Neutrogena Cellular Boost with SPF 20 rejuvenating day cream.

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