Victoria's Secret Cloud Wash Foaming Gel Cleanser - Aqua Kiss

Save Rs.250

Size: 130g (4.6 oz.)
Rs.3,550 Rs.3,800


An innovative new way to shower yourself in your fave scents! Refreshing gel formula transforms into a fluffy, light-as-air foam for perfectly scented cleansing.

Choose from:

Velvet Petals: Floral. Lush Blooms. Almond Glaze. Made you blush.

Pure Seduction: Fruity. Juiced Plum. Crushed Freesia. All night long.

Amber Romance: Warm. Deep Amber. Sugar Kisses. Chasing sunsets.

Coconut Passion: Warm. Island Coconut. Warm Sands. Beach days forever.

Love Addict: Fruity Floral. Wild Orchid. Sparkling Mimosa. Flirt on.

Aqua Kiss: Fresh. Cool Waters. Bright Daisy. Make a splash.

Love Spell: Fruity Floral. Cherry Blossom. Fresh Peach. Impossible to resist.

Bare Vanilla: Warm. Whipped Vanilla. Soft Cashmere. Skin to skin.

How to use

Add a small amount of Cloud Wash to your palm, mix together, then watch as it foams up into a full, creamy lather.

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